Est. 2020

Rock 'N' Razor barbershop

We're only as good as our last haircut


Rock N Razor was born in Worthing, Sussex in 2020, on the back of a vision of what a BARBERS should be.

At Rock N Razor we strive to create a friendly and vibrant environment. We want our clients to feel at home in a warm, sociable barbers that maintains customer focus with a professional cutting edge.



Old school style with fresh new flair


For the beardless. A good, clean shave goes a long way

Beard Trim

Clean up, taming and reshaping that manly beard.

Moustache Trim

Clean up, taming and reshaping that wild moustache.


Mens Cut 

From £ 15

Over 65s

From £ 11

Lads Cut 11 – 16 yrs

From £ 12.5

Boys Under 10

From £ 10

Clipper Cut Grade 1-5

£ 11

Skin Fade 

 £ 16.5

Beard Trim 

From  £ 8

*Children and OAP cuts are at full price on Saturdays

The Team


A combined 25 years experience with qualifications in male grooming, eyebrow threading, wet shaving and facial waxing.



Loves sleeping, belly rubs and treats. Not the best hairdresser around.